History of Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud poker is a different variety of poker and is a type of card game that comes with an enlarged and quite an arcane history. “Poker” as a word originated from the French “poque” and was a variant on the German “pochen” that simply meant to ‘knock’. The exact origin of poker is pretty unknown and seems to have been lost in the sands of time. There is a school of thought that believes poker originated in the 16th Century in Persia.  There are others who believe that the origin of poker was in Europe in the 19th Century and was later brought to the USA by explorers from France. Much in a similar fashion, the exact origin of the game with which this article begins is also pretty much shrouded in mystery. No one exactly knows its origin or who invented this variant of poker. The only confirmed fact is that it was spawned in the Aruba Island. This island is also a popular tourist destination and there are hundreds of tourists visiting this place every year. The game as the name might suggest originated from the Caribbean Islands and currently is among the world’s hottest poker games.

Payouts for Caribbean Stud Poker

Typically payout schedule for Caribbean Stud.

Caribbean Stud Poker initially was played in a hotel that also doubled up as a casino and was called the Holiday Inn Hotel & Casino. This game was played in the year 1988. The place that is the hotel where this particular game was played has gone through alteration and is currently known as the Excelsior Casino. This is also a place where the World Poker Tour is held in the months of September and was first held in the year 2005. This place happens to be largely popular with the tourists and is a hot bed of a bustling community. This poker variant was spread to several Caribbean Islands in the 1980s. This time around the game was also offered to the passengers and guests traveling on luxury cruises all throughout the Caribbean.

Much later, the game that is Caribbean Stud poker was imported and was adopted by many places in the USA and it was no more restricted in the islands of Caribbean only. As has been mentioned earlier, this game built up a strong reputation and was immensely enjoyed by the passengers, tourists and the guests. The gambling experts of Las Vegas Nevada USA also decided to add on a little something so that the game becomes even more attractive and included a progressive jackpot to the game. They were right as this little trick made the game one of the most sought after poker games in the whole of Las Vegas. The popularity of this particular poker game simply tore through the roof and reached the skies and currently all throughout North America and Europe this game has achieved a sort of iconic status.

Caribbean Stud poker still remains as one of the most popular and one of the most highly sought after games in the whole world with emphasis on casinos in USA and Europe.  Using an optimal Caribbean stud strategy  you get to play a round or two of the Caribbean Stud poker and this simply justifies its popularity.  This game is offered at every single casino on the Las Vegas strip and is also offered online for free play.

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